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If you have an apartment or a house that you would like to renovate, or a plot of land that you want to develop a new house on, but you don’t know how to start and what your new home should look like, Zavod BIG, publisher of magazine Hiše can help you out with
architectural consultations.

2 x 30 min

We work with top, selected architects. Depending on your needs we will choose the most two suitable architects consultant for you, half hour with each one (200 € total). The result of the consultation will be a critical evaluation of your wishes and the preparation of basic starting ideas for planning your house or apartment.

About us

Zavod Big is an independent and a non-profit organisation, which encourages a development of creative economy, it links together development potentials of society, and it aims to face them with the challenges of modern world. It is the driving force of the BIG SEE platform, Month of Design, Big Architecture Festival, as well as architectural magazine Hiše.

Zavod Big’s mission is interdisciplinary linking of economy, educational institutions, and creative industries as well as the promotion of results of their functioning and collaboration, so that the industry as well as the society as a whole can be more competitive. That is why Zavod Big proactively encourages innovative practices, managerial knowledge, and business processes, it follows global challenges in the fields of circular economy, sustainable development, green energy, living, natural resources, transportation, expanding cities, and it incorporates the best brand names into the best promotional platforms.


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